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Hero Book Conquering the world of NFT Games with a novel concept

Hero Book, a new addition to NFT Games, is bringing a novel concept of Battle to earn (B2E). Inspired by a cosmic land named, CyberPlanet, the B2E model is much more efficient than Play to earn. Hero Book has a diverse ecosystem with 3 different gameplay Hero Book, Heroland, and Herocard that makes it much more interesting. Developers have ensured that gamers can experience different gameplay with no intervention.

Blockchain-enabled NFT Games are growing with new concepts and fascinating features. As 2021 has seen tremendous growth in the NFT industry, the NFT Game industry has been changing the face of video gaming. Those days are long gone when gamers used to play without getting anything in return. Blockchain technology has enabled gamers to earn with a completely different nature than traditional video games.

Hero Book

Some popular NFT Games like Axie Infinity and Thetan Arena of 2021 have used play to earn models. The problem with these games is that they are adopting the pattern of the traditional game and intervene a lot during the game. Hero Book is solving all of these issues and offering a unique experience to the users. Don’t agree? Let’s look at the 3 different gameplay which is being offered by HB.

Hero Book:

Survival gameplay in which players have to participate in the arena to fight and collect the loot for themselves. HB is offering 20 characters with different characteristics and unique gameplay. This collected loot can be sold later.


Heroland is the virtual version of earth. The players can buy/sell real estate in this world and explore the rare minerals.


This gameplay is specially designed to create simple card games, fast play, and fun for the participants.

A diverse community with these different gameplays will enjoy a lot. Players can use one token (HBG) for all three gameplays. A duo of Battle to earn and Free to Play is something new in the NFT Game industry with a lot of potential. Binance Smart Chain is used to create the digital collection.

Hero Book

Let’s take a look at the distinctive features of this game to know what they are offering more than existing ones.

  • The Game is offering a combination of Free to Play and Battle to earn models that are new in the NFT Game industry. An early opportunity to enter a new field.
  • A diverse community where players will interact with other players with attractive graphics and the opportunity to earn big profits.
  • The value of NFT characters in the Hero Book is created by the player’s skill and tactics. Therefore, the game always ensures fairness and carries a very high value.
  • The game is offering high security and players can leave the worry of property theft.
  • NFT items and collections that players own can be traded on the marketplace for different values depending on the rarity, equipment, and level of the character.

The strength of any project is seen through what they are giving out to the community. HB project team seems keen to grow their community. Despite providing a high level security, transaparency, and fun gameplay, the team is offering a lot of rewards and airdrops just for participating. Let’s have a look and you will be surprised to see how much they are spending for community growth.

Hero Book

  • Airdrop: Like every community centered project, HB has also decided to airdrop $30 worth of HBG tokens to every user.
  • Youtube Contest: HB team is going to arrange a youtube contest in which $6,600 worth of HBG tokens will be distributed.
  • Active wallet: For keeping an active wallet, the user will get 5 HBG tokens, 1 character at Hero Book, and 1 piece of Hero Land. Ineresting isn’t it?
  • Top Refferal: If you’re helping the team to grow the community through your referral then you will not go without reward. The top referral will get a reward of $15 worth HBG tokens.

The presale of this project has already started from 30th December which will continue till 20 January. With a future strategic vision and a strong team, Hero Book can be said to be a project with a prestigious vision, rich in potential for sustainable development and well worth participating in and experiencing.

Hero Book


The mechanism developed by the diverse HBG Token ecosystem is far superior more and unique. With strategy gameplay, diverse character system, skills, along with Battle To Earn model! Surely the game will attract a large number of players. NFT is an ever-growing market with a lot of potential as we have seen in the last two years. With a future strategic vision and a strong team, Hero Book can be said to be a project with a prestigious vision, rich in potential for sustainable development and well worth participating in and experiencing.

Airdrop link: https://herobook.io/airdrop

Youtube Contest: https://bit.ly/3eF9z45

Active Wallet: https://herobook.io/airdrop

Top Referral: https://herobook.io/airdrop

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