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Top 10 Google searched questions about cryptocurrency and what it means

The top 10 Google searches on cryptocurrencies reveal an increase in curiosity among general investors, represented by two ‘Why’s, three ‘What’s and five ‘How’s. To determine investor sentiment amid a bear market that has yet to bottom out, Cointelegraph dug deep into the web to find the top Google searched questions about cryptocurrencies.

What is cryptocurrency

Even after thirteen years of cutbacks in traditional finance, the most popular question general investors ask Google is “What is a cryptocurrency?” This illustrates the gap and broad scope in educating the masses about cryptocurrencies. However, despite the obvious conflict of interest, crypto entrepreneurs around the world agree that putting aside their differences and educating the masses about cryptocurrencies can serve as a catalyst for mainstream adoption.


What is crypto

The second most searched question about cryptocurrencies on Google is, unsurprisingly, “What is Crypto?” It is a repetition of the most important question. Combined with its predecessor, the question registered a GV of 54,000, cementing its case in educating the masses about cryptocurrencies.

How to invest in cryptocurrency

Third in the most popular Google searches comes the first question about investing: “How to invest in cryptocurrency?” The qustion Googled with 44,000 GV shows the growing interest in crypto investments despite the protracted bear market.

What is crypto mining

Investors with a basic understanding of the crypto ecosystem tend to try mining as a way to earn passive income through cryptocurrencies. The thought of reusing an old computer to earn crypto by backing the network is a popular call related to the early days of cryptocurrencies. However, off-the-shelf mining rigs have allowed novice miners to view crypto mining as a viable career.

How to buy cryptocurrency

The search “how to buy cryptocurrency” ranks fifth among the most searched crypto-related keywords on Google. Bear markets are often seen as excellent timelines for making high-yielding investments. Given the falling prices, existing and new investors are racing to identify such investments as the market prepares to turn into a bull run.

Why is crypto crashing

The impact of protracted bear markets has infiltrated Google searches as investors try to answer the question, “Why is crypto crashing?” The 2022 bear market has proven disastrous for several crypto ecosystems, wiping out millions of dollars overnight. The continued free fall in prices has created negative investor sentiment around the world, with no apparent support to soften the decline.

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