Google Search Trend for Crypto increases amidst uncertainty

The number of Google queries relating to cryptocurrency has spiked to an ATH this week. A lot more people are bombarding the search engine, particularly asking if they should sell-off their Bitcoin.

Google Trend’s Twitter account shared stats that showed the search query “should i sell my bitcoin” increased by +400%.


“What happened to cryptocurrency today” is up +850%, past day, Worldwide

“Should I sell my crypto” is up +400%, past day, US.

GoogleTrends (@GoogleTrends)

The search queries increased no thanks to the onslaught by China and Elon Musk’s safe energy concerns.

The Asian country reinstated its plans to ban Bitcoin mining; sparking concerns amongst stakeholders.

Most energy-efficient cryptocurrency’ and ‘environmentally friendly cryptocurrency’ are breakout searches. ‘How does bitcoin use energy’ +1,050%, past week US,” Google Trends’ team stated.

Other inquiries include “Bitcoin carbon footprint” (87 points), “crypto electricity” (100), or “mining power” (95) were also searched for.

Today’s Cryptocurrency Fear And Greed Index: 12

Ranking: Extreme Fear#Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum

— Crypto Fear And Greed Bot  


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