Google Cloud Builds A New Team
Google Cloud Builds A New Team

Google Cloud Builds A New Team

Google is very committed to Web3.

Cloud data storage, controlled by Amazon and Microsoft, is partly what blockchain-powered Web3 aims to revolutionize through decentralization.

Google has announced that it has created a new team specifically to build blockchain infrastructure.

Google’s Web3 Endeavors

Google Cloud vice president Amit Zavery expressed the importance of developing a blockchain-focused team.

Zavery announced that it is positioning the company as a technology provider for blockchain assets.

We are not trying to be directly part of this cryptocurrency wave. We provide technologies for companies to leverage and leverage the distributed nature of Web3 in their existing businesses and businesses.

Web 3.0

Zavery noted that Google could develop a system that simplifies the process of creating and operating such nodes, which are necessary for verifying and recording transactions, while making it easier for people to discover blockchain data.

The vice president believes that as blockchain applications continue to infiltrate industries such as financial services and retail, core technologies for Web3 may “find their way into the mainstream.” It even launched the launch of bringing Google’s tools into the environments of competitors like Amazon Web Services.

Google And Blockchain

Google is building a Digital Assets Team because of the growing number of NFTs.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai used the phrases “interesting and powerful” about blockchain technology. He added that the company’s goal is “blockchain and Web3.

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