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Established on its increasing platform in the Web3 space, GogoCoin is pushing the limits of cryptocurrency in the MENA region by unveiling one of the best and most secure trading spaces for digital currency. The Golex platform is supposed to anchor a great number of transactions by using a unique approach that involves giving easy access to all cryptocurrencies in the market with the biggest pool of pairs an Exchange can provide, its dedication to security, and the freshest in technological innovation and designing.

In initiating this platform with the complementary Token ecosystem GogolCoin, the team is anticipating the collaborative effect it will have on the wider project and popularity of GogolCoin as a whole. A strong community and an inventive vision are important to success, evidence of it being that a greater number of the projects have been failing because of the new market conditions. 

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GogolCoin has been trading at an average of 1USD$ and seeing a wide growth in HOLDERS and new community members enticed by the new Roadmap of the project and high APY offered in their staking pools.

It is impressive to note that, GogolCoin has created a passage whereby the physical and digital are joined through different platforms, including Metagol– a metaverse gaming platform and Metaconnect – a decentralized way to communicate through a 3D/Metaverse Platform while profiting, establishing the first-ever Meet to earn in Web3.0. GogolCoin will also provide the function of an ecosystem by presenting a list of attractive utilities at a discounted fee.

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