GameSwift Goes On Its Own Chain In Collaboration With Big Polygon (MATIC), Introduces “Decentralized Steam” Release

Known as the mainstream Terra-based DAO fundraising platform, StarTerra is revolutionizing the business model. It is also preparing the protocol to set a new standard in Game Fi development.

According to the official announcement shared by the team, StarTerra has rebranded as GameSwift to reaffirm its commitment to building the largest Web3 gaming community and development ecosystem.

StarTerra switches to Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem, rebrands

According to the official announcement shared by the team, StarTerra has rebranded as Game-Swift to reaffirm its commitment to building the largest Web3 gaming community and development ecosystem.

We’re approaching a big announcement for former $STT holders but before we move on I want to summarize in one place my story and what I feel straight from my ♥️.

Game-Swift will coordinate development efforts to enable GameFi engineers to turn large Web2 titles into Web3 concepts. After a thorough analysis of security, scalability, on-chain transaction fees and user base statistics, GameSwift engineers chose to build their own chain within the framework of Polygon.


Polygon (MATIC) awards GameSwift an ecosystem grant

Polygon awarded Game-Swift a unique ecosystem grant to support its development and marketing efforts. GameSwift CEO Wojciech Gruszka is excited about the synergy his team has with the Polygon (MATIC) team, Polygon-based developers, and the networking community:

Many former Terra developers have turned to alternative technologies. One of them was Polygon (MATIC) – a project valued at over $7 billion, creating a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, which focuses primarily on scalability. We went a step further and decided to set up, in cooperation with Polygon, our own chain explicitly dedicated to gaming.

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It is a solution that will also maximize the usability of our token, which, as the primary transaction token, will benefit from the growing number of games and their users. Choosing Polygon for GameSwift also means low transaction costs, ease of implementation compared to other available technologies, and access to the disruptive technological solutions offered by Polygon.

Such a breakthrough is in line with the global increase in interest in Web3 GameFi among developers, enthusiasts, investors and crypto entrepreneurs.


Developing all-in-one Web3 gaming ecosystem 

Engineers are building a 360° ecosystem for blockchain creators focused on Web3 gaming platforms. First, GameSwift Chain built on Polygon Edge. GameSwift Bridge will facilitate the seamless and cost-effective transfer of data and value between the various elements of the GameSwift ecosystem.

GameSwift SDK will be available to all Web3 developers in the GameFi segment; It will streamline engineering processes in the segment and radically optimize it for the next generation of developers. GameSwift Analytics is designed to allow developers and teams to monitor the performance of their dApps online. GameSwift Portal will act as a decentralized fundraising protocol for Web3 games: it will support both INO (Initial NFT Offering) and IGO (Initial Game Offering). Finally, the GameSwift Extension will act as a browser add-on for seamless interactions with all modules of the application.

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