Fractional NFT markets

Fractional NFT markets surprisingly surpass the market cap of $200 million

Fractional NFT markets surprisingly surpass the market cap of $200 million in a year as the NFT market has exploded in value. Fractional NFTs are NFT assets chopped into several pieces and shared among holders. Statistics have revealed that fractional NFTs have an overall market cap of around $212.6 million.

Fractional NFT markets:

Non-Fungible Market has exploded in a year and has become a billion-dollar industry. Weekly sales of the NFTs are in tens of millions on the digital collectible marketplaces. For example, OPensea, a leading NFT marketplace, sold $483.62 million worth of NFTs in a week. Fractional NFT markets is another growing sector of the NFT industry. This sector of digital collectibles has seen significant growth this year.

Fractional NFT markets
Fractional NFT example

Fractional NFT is the token that has been divided into tradeable shards. The NFT is split into smaller pieces and people believe that it lessens the barrier to entry into otherwise a very expensive NFT collectibles market. Fractionalized NFTs have been around since the early days, and one classic example is the infamous LORDKEK from the 2016 Rare Pepe Trading Card collectible series.

Fractional NFT markets

This sector of NFT has seen significant growth as the market cap of Fractional NFTs have reached $212 .66 million on Sunday. With $130.14 million Doge NFT (DOG) has the largest share in the market cap of Fractional NFTs. The second-largest market valuation belonging to a fractionalized NFT is Etherrock #72 (PEBBLE) which has a market capitalization of around $22.73 million. Fractional NFT markets has the potential to grow and develop rapidly.

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