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Former First Lady Melania Trump Launches Another NFT Collection

Melania Trump announces that she is launching more non-fungible tokens with the release of a new NFT collection titled “The PONTUS TRUMP NFT”.

The former first lady further announced that the POTUS TRUMP NFT, scheduled to be launched on Monday will celebrate her husband’s presidency.

The PONTUS TRUMP NFT collection will contain 10 original pieces of artwork that highlight “iconic moments” like his visit to Mount Rushmore, and Christmas at the White House. Each piece of NFT in the collection will have its rarity level – some will be scarcer than others. 

Melania Trump is increasing the stakes with this NFT sale as 10,000 NFTs will be rolled out for $50 each. The collectibles will be classified in two tiers – platinum and gold and Trump stated that she was “honored” to recognize important moments in the nation’s history. A statement said: 

“Collectors will enjoy an element of surprise, as the artwork of each NFT is revealed only after purchase.”

Trump’s Second NFT attempt

The release of this collection comes after Melania Trump’s first NFT sale took a sad turn as the value of Solana tokens crashed around the time of the auction. 

“The Head of State Collection” launched on the Solana blockchain, had opening bids set at a USD equivalent of $250,000 and bids only accepted in SOL.

However, it was an unfortunate turnout for Trump as only five offers above the floor price of 1800 SOL were made before the Solana token suffered a sharp dip in value. Trump eventually only received $163,800 from the NFT sales. 

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that the crypto wallet used to purchase those NFTs were linked to the project behind the sale – posing some serious wash trading allegations. However, Trump’s representatives have debunked these claims insisting that “the transactions were facilitated on behalf of a third-party buyer.”

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