Florida government warns of automated guarantee scammers seeking crypto payments

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has issued an alert sharing information regarding the identification of automated call fraud marketing automated guarantees that include requiring payment for services via gift cards and cryptocurrencies.


Regardless of the methods scammers use to contact potential victims, the FDACS newsletter highlighted five red flags that indicate scams.

The announcement highlighted some payment methods often suggested by scammers:

“Payment Type: If you are asked to pay with a gift card or cryptocurrency, it’s a scam.”

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In addition to asking Florida residents to refrain from making crypto payments, the FDACS reiterated that no government official will ask for personal information such as Social Security or credit card numbers, adding: “Only scammers will need one of these types of payments, and once you send the money, you probably won’t get it back.”

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On September 5, US congressman Brad Sherman, a prominent crypto skeptic, acknowledged the rapid growth of the crypto ecosystem, claiming that banning cryptocurrencies is no longer an option.

Sherman added that political donations and crypto lobbying make it impossible to completely ban cryptocurrencies:

“We didn’t ban it at the beginning because we didn’t realize it was important, and we didn’t ban it now because there’s too much money and power behind it.”

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