Fantom Kishu

Fantom Kishu is a meme coin fused with GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, and High ROI

The list of features is long and I was running out of space in the title above. Fantom Kishu offers every perk you’ll ever get from a cryptocurrency ecosystem. Based on the Fantom chain, Fantom Kishu is not just a meme token but comes with a whole ecosystem that includes GameFi, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and promises high ROI.

Fantom Kishu: Easy Swap, Liquidity Mining, and DeFi

Being on the Fantom chain is an advantage and Fantom Kishu uses that to assure fast and easy swaps assuring security. Fantom Kishu is a rewarding project that assures the rewards not just for holding tokens but also through Liquidity mining, or yield farming. Fantom Kishu is well aware of the threats lurking around the infant projects so it assures the security of users’ funds in its dApp. Users can use this dApp for farming and staking to earn additional rewards of substantial figures – providing a perfect DeFi environment.

GameFi: Kisha Game and NFT Market Place:

Fantom Kishu aims to compete and defeat the blockchain game giant Axie infinity with the largest gaming community. Kisha is the native token of the Kishu ecosystem and acts as fuel to run it. Players of Kisha need a minimum of 200,000 Kisha in their wallets to play the game. This amount actually defines what a player will score overall. A player having 200,000 Kisha will have one multiplier and double the amount double the profits. Fantom Kishu awards NFTs to the top scorers of the game. It provides more sustainable Lending, Borrowing, and Savings environment for decentralized finance. A marketplace like Opensea is also included in their road map to provide NFT trades faster, with lower gas fees.

Fantom Kishu

Tokenomics and Allocation:



 Fantom Kishu


100 Billion











Farm Rewards:




Rewards and Airdrops:


Seed Sale:



Road Map:

Phase 1:

 Ideation & Website

❎ Private Sale

❎  Initial Marketing

❎  Presale

❎  DEX Listing

Phase 2:

❎  Coingecko Listing

❎  Coinmarketcap Listing

❎  Audit

❎  AMAs

❎  NFTs

Phase 3:

❎ Kishu Game

❎ Giveaways

❎ CEX Listing

❎ Partnerships

❎ Marketing Push


Fantom Kishu Presales is approaching and 24% of $Kisha is allocated for the event. You can join the Presale to buy 1000 $KISHA per $1 which later be available at the price of 200 $KISHA per 1$. Fantom Kisha is a community-based project and the Kisha Dog is looking forward to adoption and love by the community. The Fantom Kishu team has a long way to go and achieve their dreams and that’s only possible with adequate funding. I think the project has potential which will soon make Kisha stand out from other meme dogs.

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