Ex-Google CEO invested in cryptos, but his goal is for Web 3.0.

Eric Schmidt says more work needs to be done to maximize Web 3.0’s potential.

The former CEO of Google revealed that he is investing in crypto, but his main goal is Web 3.0.

Eric Schmidt said CNBC Web 3.0 is “very powerful”.

Eric Schmidt said, “A new model where you control your identity as an individual and you don’t have a central manager is very powerful. Very seductive and very decentralized. When I was 25, I remember the feeling that decentralization was going to be everything.”

The 67-year-old actor said that if I were a software engineer, I would work in artificial intelligence (AI) or Web 3.0.

Schmidt believes it takes a lot of work to make Web 3.0 happen. “The economy is interesting. Platforms are interesting and usage patterns are interesting. It’s not working yet, but it will.”

The problem with today’s blockchain

Schmidt also summarized what he sees as the main problems with today’s blockchain technology.

The former Google CEO did not disclose which cryptos he owns.

Apple CEO admits to owning crypto

Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that he owns BTC or Ethereum (ETH).

When asked if he had one of the top two cryptos at the DealBook conference, Cook replied, “I do. I think it’s reasonable to have it as part of a diversified portfolio.”

Cook stressed that he does not give investment advice to anyone. He stated that he is interested in and researching the crypto market.

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