Ethereum will become

Ethereum will become new app store in 2 years, says Microsoft chief

Ethereum will become new app store in 2023, says the Director of Digital Transformation at Microsoft. He further explained that Ethereum has low fees while Apple’s app store has revenue sharing.

The second-largest currency in the crypto market is improving with its new updates. This year has been very beneficial for the coin. EIP-1559 was the update that is seen as very important for the network. The second-largest currency is in the process of transitioning to PoS from PoW. Features like smart contracts and DApps are very important for the ecosystem. Yorke Rhodes has predicted something very surprising for Ethereum.

Ethereum will become new app store in 2 years:

The director of digital transformation at Microsoft for the last seven years has boldly predicted that Ethereum will become new app store in 2 years. “Prediction: Ethereum becomes the Decentralized App store by 2023,” he said back in August arguing that eth has low fees while Apple’s app store has revenue sharing.

Ethereum will become

But what matters is the trend, rather than the timeframe, and the trend appears to be somewhat clear. Digital ownership is now a thing, and tech giants now recognize it, and they’re building things on it. If Ethereum will become new app store then it would be interesting to see what becomes of Apple’s app store.

That’s because in this time frame we’ve gone to, it is difficult to predict specifics such as it will be eth that acts as a standard, but the general picture and direction as detailed above seem common sense and eth currently appears to be the most likely candidate to act as the standard for digital ownership.

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