Ethereum whale acquires

Ethereum whale acquires 1 million tokens of MATIC

Ethereum whale acquires 1 million tokens of MATIC worth more than $2.5 million, according to IntoTheBlock analytics. The whale group is holding 2nd position among the largest 1,000 ETH wallets tracked by WhaleStats.

Ethereum whale acquires 1 million tokens of MATIC:

Whales play a significant role in the price action of tokens with low rates. The price of a token goes skyrocketing if the whales decide to buy the token and vice versa. Opera has announced to integrate Polygon into its native wallet. This move will provide access to millions of users to the Polygon. The recent developments on the Polygon have attracted the whales to its native token MATIC.  

Ethereum whale acquires

IntoTheBlock analytics have revealed that Ethereum whale acquires 1 million tokens of MATIC worth more than $2.5 million. Ethereum whale holds the 2nd position among the 1,000 ETH wallets tracked by WhaleStats. WhaleStat tweeted the news that ETH whale has bought 1 million tokens of MATIC. The tweet also included the rank of the group.

Ethereum whale acquires

MATIC seems to be a hit among Ethereum whales as it ranks among the top 10 holdings and top 10 purchased tokens over the past 24 hours, according to WhaleStats. MATIC rose to highs of $2.71 after surging nearly 28% in the last three days. In/out indicator of the IntoTheBlock shows that 100% of Polygon holders are in profit at a price of $2.63. In/Out series of indicators classify addresses and volume for crypto assets based on their profits.    

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