Ethereum Miners Surpasses Bitcoin Miners Continuously In Revenue 

Ethereum miners have continued to trump their bitcoin counterparts in terms of revenue. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market stat and has now proven that it is a better option when it comes to mining cryptocurrency. This has made Ethereum a more profitable platform for miners.

In the past, Ethereum has shown prominence given the space recorded between the revenue amassed by Ethereum miners and those brought in by Bitcoin miners.

In terms of mining, March has shown that it is a good month for Ethereum, despite the EIP-1559 transforming the way miners are being rewarded on the platform, generated revenues have shown no sign of slowing down. In the month of March, an estimated $1.34 billion was the revenue generated by miners. It has increased critically from the previous month, marking as high as 7% an increased revenue from the second month of 2022, which possessed a total revenue of $1.25 billion.

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On the other side, Bitcoin miners only got an estimated total of $1.21 in generated revenue from their activities of mining. Akin to Ethereum, the number had increased from what was gotten in February this year. It gained about $150 million from the numbers recorded in February, which is a 14% increase.

Nevertheless, Ethereum was not all about surpassing, judging the yearly charts, reveals that Ethereum had performed less well when compared to last year. However, Ethereum mining still dwells as the mining activity farmers prefer and are recording far more revenue. 

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