Ethereum Dev. Virgil Griffith Pleads Guilty to Charge of conspiracy

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith has pleaded guilty to a one-count charge levelled against him by the US federal prosecutors.

Griffith, appearing at the Southern District of New York courthouse earlier today, submitted a plea bargain about an hour into his trial.

In 2019, he ignored warnings from US officials to attend a crypto summit in North Korea. 

Virgil Griffith
Via: Coin Jazeera

Prosecutors say the American programmer violated U.S law by sharing sensitive and technical information with North Korea – despite being aware that the knowledge he shared could help the Asian country launder money and evade sanctions.

The American is also deemed to have disobeyed the International Economic Powers Act when he visited North Korea enacted in 1977 to tackle unusual extraordinary external threats.

However, Virgil Griffith’s legal representatives argue that their client’s speech at the event in North Korea is protected by the First Amendment which guarantees Freedom of Speech.

The plea bargain will reportedly lessen the time Griffith will spend in jail from 20 to six and a half years.

Griffith’s situation has caused lots of debate amongst crypto fanatics in the past and it doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon as we await judgement in January 2022.

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