Ethereum based gaming token soars 15000% in just four months

Ethereum based gaming token soars 15000% in just four months, according to the data by CoinGecko. This new alien-themed token, UFO, is leaving the earth’s atmosphere. Token holds 107th Position in crypto ranking with a market cap of $1.4 billion.

The Crypto market is growing very fast in the area of decentralized gaming. A new Ethereum-based network that features “Dark Metaverse” is making new records. UFO gaming (UFO) allows its users to create clans, own, and trade virtual land. The users are provided with rewards in crypto or NFT. UFO was launched four months ago in July. This new concept is attracting a lot of people in this industry.

Ethereum based gaming token soars 15000%:

UFO, Ethereum based gaming token, has added 15,379% to its value in just four months. The data from the CoinGecko tells us that the initial price of the token was $0.000000350110 which has changed to today’s price of $0.00005418. In the last week, this token has surged 150%.  The token has made its position strong in the market cap also. Token has a market cap of $1.4 billion and holds the 107th position in market rank.

Ethereum based gaming token
The price chart of UFO by CoinGecko

The team behind Ethereum based gaming token has made it clear that it is a community-focused ecosystem. The Discovery of a new planet means that a new game is not far. A platform for decentralized gaming, choose your favorite genre to earn from. Asset ownership [that] is fully determined by the users. The future of the UFO metaverse will be determined by voting rights provided to the largest holders. Users will get plasma points for staking.

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