Elongate and Munch make huge donations to charity

Elongate and Munch are making new donations towards different charitable causes.

The digital assets community is beginning to show more support for a large number of vulnerable people across the world, and rightfully so.

Elongate is a strong pionner of the crypto-charity alliance through the Human Relief Foundation.


The cryptocurrency token has now raised $2m to provide food and other necessary items for thousands of people around the world.


Munch is not left out too – the DeFi project has announced it will donate $1m through the GiveWell Maximum Impact Fund. Providing support for a number of developing countries and tackling malaria and several other illnesses in Africa.  

As an aside, Elongate is providing COVID-19 relief support through the Give India intiative, following the high turnover of confirmed cases in the country.

We just pledged $300K to fight Covid-19 in India – but it doesn’t stop there. We have partnered with Give India to set up a fundraising site! Please consider giving directly – every little bit can save a life.

Elongate announced via microblogging platform Twitter.

The project which has 400,000 holders is also involved in other charitable causes including; Action against hunger, The Ocean cleanup, Big Green, and others.


Elongate recently announced that its BitMart listing will begin on the 10th of May.

An extraordinary🔥 morning to our Asian community and a great evening to the rest! We are proud to globally announce that our @BitMartExchange listing will start on May 10. Let’s shatter some records today; help us spread the word! 

Elongate and Munch are not alone on this path, everywhere you turn too within the digital assets circle, people are making donations towards charity.

Billy Silbert promised to donate $1m to charity if Dogecoin hits $1 by the end of this month.

There is also the Giving Block initiative which encourage crypto-holders to give back 1% of their holdings to charity.

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