Elon Musk supports Crypto against Fiat

Elon Musk is back on Twitter commenting on cryptocurrency but guess what? This time he is not fudding.

The Tesla boss was asked what he thinks about people who are annoyed with him because of ‘crypto.’

Musk in his reply pointed out that he wasn’t the enemy, stating that the real fight is between “fiat & crypto.”

Contrary to some people’s belief, Elon Musk says he “supports” crypto.

“The true battle is between fiat & crypto. On balance, I support the latter.”

Elon Musk is a heavyweight player in the crypto market, this is clearly evident in the recent events that have unfolded right before our eyes.

Dogecoin rode on Musk’s support to reach a new ATH last month.

Many also believe that his tweets are one of the major catalysts that sent the market into depression and ignited the fury of the public against him.

To be fair, Elon Musk is entitled to his opinions, it’s part of his fundamental human rights.

And as we have seen with Doge, his tweets and actions can also impact the market positively.

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