Elon Musk explains why he prefers Doge over Bitcoin, others

Elon Musk has revealed why he’s supporting Doge over Ethereum, Cardano and others after been quizzed on Twitter.

Tesla investor and relatively famous Youtuber, David Lee, sent a question to Musk asking the billionaire why he chose Dogecoin over “them” (referring to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens).

“Curious what are your thoughts on ethereum 2.0, cardano, solana, polkadot, IOTA and others that are trying to scale with low fees,” 

 “What makes you choose doge over them?” 

David Lee asked

Elon Musk like he has done many times responded to the question.

“[Dogecoin] has dogs and memes, whereas the others do not,”

the Tesla CEO replied

Musk’s support has seen Dogecoin rise to become one of the most talked-about digital currency in the world.

But there are pertinent questions are surrounding the viability of Dogecoin.

Elon Musk explained that he will work with Doge developers to improve the efficiency of the token.

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