Dogecoin Foundation is going to adopt Proof of Stake mechanism

Dogecoin Foundation is working to introduce the Proof of Stake mechanism for the DOGE. For this purpose, the foundation is working with Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum and aims to bring community staking version of the protocol.

The meme currency, DOGE, has achieved a lot this year with the support of Tesla Boss. The centibillionaire has even said that DOGE is better than the flagship currency, Bitcoin. Dogecoin foundation, the firm behind popular DOGE, has revealed a roadmap for the token in the new year as this year is about to end. This roadmap tells that the firm is planning to introduce the Proof of Stake mechanism for the token.

Dogecoin Foundation is

Dogecoin Foundation is working to introduce a Proof of Stake mechanism:

Dogecoin Foundation is working to introduce the Proof of Stake mechanism for the token. These initiatives and important details were shared by the firm’s official Twitter account on December 23. The firm has said that they are working closely with the Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum for the transition of the network to PoS.  The roadmap has also set the record straight that DOGE is a community-driven token and it always has been. They further detailed:

This Trailmap represents a dog-walk the Dogecoin Foundation is committed to exploring and that we believe will contribute to Dogecoin’s success.

The roadmap of the doge has revealed many projects and proposals on which they are working. The Foundation [is] also working with Vitalik on crafting a uniquely Doge proposal for a ‘Community Staking’ version of PoS that will allow everyone, not just the big players to participate in a way that rewards them for their contribution to running the network.

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