According to Twitter analysis, the most liked coin was DOGE. The least popular coin is ETHER.

This research emerged in a Twitter analysis by TRG Datacenters.

Bitcoin (BTC), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin, Ether and Litecoin (LTC) coins were researched. ETHER was the least popular coin with 29%. Ripple, which has very close followers, was not included in the research.

The biggest criticism of ETHER was its energy costs. It was also affected by the fact that it was split into two separate chains in August 2021.

Bitcoin was the second most hated coin with 27%. Cardano is third with 16%. Litecoin finished fourth with 8%.

The most popular coin was Doge coin. It received 94% positive Tweets.

Doge coin has also shown to be quite strong on Crypto Twitter.

The main reason why the Doge coin is so popular is Elon Musk. Also, Elon accepts Doge coins for Tesla payments.

Chris Hinkle, chief technology officer of TRG Datacenters:

Meme stocks in particular seemed to be driven by retail investors. In the case of larger currencies like Bitcoin, the tweets actually delayed price movements, which meant a degree of institutional leanness. Hinkle explained that the acquisition of Twitter could lead to a more retail-oriented crypto market. He claimed Musk’s newfound influence could “perhaps pave the way for less algorithmic manipulation and usher in a new era of retail investors.


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