Doge is at make or break point

Doge is at make or break point as a massive node upgrade is going on the network

The technical analysis shows that Doge is at make or break point. Massive node upgrade regarding the transaction fees and security fixes is also going on the Network which can send it for big price run.

Doge is at make or break point:

DOGE is trading at $0.2738 with a 24h trading volume of 2.67 billion dollars which has dropped by 27% in a day. Doge is holding 9th rank in the crypto market based on the market cap. There is a massive upgrade is going on in the network and Doge is at make or break point. This node upgrade is supposed to lower the transaction fees and fix some security issues. Surprisingly, more than 90% of nodes have been upgraded already.

Doge is at make or break point
Price chart of DOGE by Tradingview

The technical analysis shows Doge is at make or break point. It has made correction after making its first bullish move. Doge has been in long consolidation period and at the end of this triangle, we can see a price breakout. But, the price of the Doge mainly depends on the BTC. This is the main reason for the sudden and unpredicted moves of the Doge. Current resistance levels are at $0.2926 and $0.3374. Likewise, the support levels are at $0.2671 and $0.2184

Doge mainly depends on the news so we can expect sudden moves. DYOR.

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