Do Kwon
Do Kwon

Do Kwon Wants Protection

Unidentified persons annoyed Do Kwon’s wife. The woman sought protection from the police.

Seongdong Police in Seoul are investigating the theft at Do Kwon’s home.

Unidentified persons rang the doorbell at 18:23. After opening the door, the suspect allegedly fled.

The identity of the suspect and whether he is a Luna investor are not yet clear.

Police official:

We plan to review what additional measures are necessary through the investigation.

It received significant scrutiny and criticism after LUNA triggered a massive meltdown in the crypto market.

Kwon has managed to attract high-profile investors. However, it faced intense backlash for its online behavior of not viewing critics as “poor”.

Terra validators have halted the blockchain for the second time as the developer team “makes a new plan to restructure it.”

He claimed that Swiss asset manager GAM Holding AG has announced that it is in talks with Terraform Labs to provide assistance to the ailing network. Charles Naylor said that was a lie.

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