Do Kwon
Do Kwon

Do Kwon Believes New Terra Will be Stronger Than Before

Although Do Kwon comes with new terra luna , the fate of the new Terra Luna is not looking good.

Do Kwon Isn’t Give Up

there’s still a handful of well-wishing associates for Do Kwon and Terra. One such is Ronald AngSiy, vice president at decentralized finance (DeFi) company Intellabridge Technology.

AngSiy Said :

I feel really bad for Do because of the way his name is being dragged through the mud right now. On Twitter, he can come off as a megalomaniac, but he’s not like that in person.

For the uninitiated, AngSiy previously interacted with Kwon in business meetings and even served as an ambassador for Terra. He claims to have lost over $1 million of his personal investments in the crash, but that has not deterred the VP from thinking any less highly of the Terra founder.

The crypto community, however, remains divided. To some, Kwon, a 30-year-old graduate of Stanford University, is seen as a complete trash talker who delights in taunting his critics as “poor.” Those in his inner circle and the virtual cult-like followers believe that he is a “misunderstood genius.”

Founder claimed terra would self-govern. Experts have warned that the experiment was risky even by the standards of the crypto industry. But it wasn’t enough. The naysayers grew louder only after the death spiral. To be honest, it makes a great case study for crypto hype for the outsiders.

Do Kwon

To Believe or Not to Believe

The community members are now rebuilding the obliterated blockchain ecosystem. While investigations into the failings of Terra may unravel quite interesting aspects, many prominent figures in the space believe there are clear signs of why investors should not fall for another project associated with Kwon. Cory Klippsten, chief executive of cryptocurrency firm Swan Bitcoin, for one, said,

It was just really obvious from seeing how this guy tweeted, and how he spoke on camera, and how he carried himself that he was a fraudster.

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