Digital Sample of Steve Jobs’ application sells for $23,000 on Rarible

A non-fungible token (NFT) of a unique job application filled by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was sold for $23,000 at a Rarible auction earlier this week.

Two samples of the job application which was paid for in Ethereum sold for a combined $366,000.

Via: Apple Insider

The hard copy of the application was traded through a website based on auctioneering software Snoofa and managed by the auction’s organizer Olly Joshi.

“Will this open a whole new market for decentralized collectibles? Will this cement the status-quo? Joshi wrote on the auction website when the job application was listed.

“Or could we see a stalemate with a fresh understanding that both can coexist and even complement one another as we traverse the next 50 years of innovation?,” he continued.

Iconic Apple products just as Steve Jobs memorabilia are known for attracting expensive bids at auctions.

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