Customers can use Bitcoin to purchase in Elektra stores of Mexico

Customers can use Bitcoin to purchase in Elektra stores of Mexico. This leading retailer in Latin American is owned by Salinas which is owned by Mexico’s third-richest pro-Bitcoin billionaire, Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

The Crypto market has seen crazy adoption in the last two years. It is very interesting to see that the institutions which have been criticizing the crypto in the past, are taking interest in the market. It is the charisma of the market which is attracting institutional investors. Big institutions like Tesla, Meta (Formerly known as Facebook), and Walmart have been interested in the crypto market lately.

Customers can use Bitcoin to purchase in Elektra stores:

A supermarket and banking chain, Elektra, belonging to pro-bitcoin billionaire Conglomerate has announced that customers can use Bitcoin to purchase in our stores. There were rumors that the store has started accepting bitcoin but with no official announcement until last Thursday. Salinas confirmed this big news through a tweet. In this tweet, he confirmed that the rumors of Elektra accepting Bitcoin are true.

Customers can use Bitcoin

Customers can use bitcoin to purchase in Elektra physical stores as well as online, its website details, adding that BTC purchases will be processed by U.S.-based crypto payment service provider Bitpay. Salinas is the longtime Bitcoin supporter who announced in June that he and his banks are working to be the first bank to accept Bitcoin in Mexico. Customers can use Bitcoin to purchase in Elektra stores which are present in Latin America.  

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