Crystl Finance: New Gen. Premier Vaulting Yield Optimization Platform

Crystl Finance is a premiere vaulting platform for yield optimization & yield farming currently operating on the Polygon network. They launched at the end of June 2021 with ApeSwap as their strategic partner and primary liquidity provider on Polygon. Since then, Crystl Finance has grown to become a staple on the Polygon network, with over 2,000 daily user visits.


The Crystl Finance protocol offers a range of products such as their auto-compounding burning vaults, CRYSTL pools, and Mines (yield farms) for ApeSwap liquidity provider tokens (LPs). Crystl Finance has created an ecosystem that caters to satisfy just about everybody’s risk appetite through its vast array of investment strategies. Only a few months into the lifespan of the platform, the Crystl Finance team has plans to increase their range of products, as well as their product reach in the near future by going cross-chain and tapping into other networks.

With ambitions to make DeFi and decentralized ecosystems accessible to everyone – Crystl Finance offers a series of educational articles and videos to teach everybody about DeFi, blockchain technology, smart contracts, and more. You can check that out over here

Auto-Compounding Vaults

Crystl Finance is starting to roll out a plethora of vaults, with the same aim of offering a wide range of risk tolerance options. Recently, they deployed their V1 vaults with a small range of offerings, but given the model’s lack of scalability have chosen to implement a less gas intensive strategy. The V2 vaults will allow Crystl Finance to offer dozens of token pairs to earn high vibe APYs with competitive compounding strategies that are gas efficient, automated, and built on top of secure, battle-tested and audited code. You can find information on their vaults’ security here!

New vaults are added every week so don’t miss out!!

Crystl Finance
Crystl Finance


The CRYSTL Pools are what comprises the main utility of $CRYSTL token, allowing holders of $CRYSTL to stake their funds in yield farming contracts to earn a variety of tokens at high interest rates. From classic bluechip tokens and stablecoins like Bitcoin and USDC, to new and exciting DeFi tokens from some of the best projects in the Polygon space.

Simply by staking their $CRYSTL tokens, users of the Crystl ecosystem are able to have the first mover advantage on many new projects – without having the need to close their positions. Users can keep their $CRYSTL, and switch between any pools at any time. No deposit or performance fees and no transfer tax, only earnings in the hottest new tokens!



Mines are the Crystl Finance yield incentive programs. They offer CRYSTL tokens as a reward for staking APE-LPs. Given the nature of a lot of the partner pools and farms on Crystl Finance, it allows users to create loops like the one displayed here! This allows the user to stack up the CRYSTL, and help to contribute liquidity to their favourite projects!


This is beneficial to everybody, as projects get more liquidity and users are able to put their CRYSTL rewards to good use and compound their rewards! The CRYSTL Mines and Vaults are a great way to bootstrap solid ApeSwap liquidity and can be a great first step toward getting whitelisted on the ApeSwap Polygon DEX!

If you represent a project that is interested in bootstrapping liquidity, you can fill out this form to get the ball rolling!

Crystl Finance: $Crystl Token


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Crystl Portal, Cross-Chain, and Future Plans

Crystl Finance has already built a large platform with a variety of products and services for both users and project developers alike, but they’re not done yet! With the inception of the Crystl Portal, the Crystl Finance team looks to help projects migrate from their homechain to Polygon to take advantage of the fast throughput, quick finality, and low transaction cost. A bridge is slated for arrival very soon which will allow developers easy access to Polygon and all it has to offer. If you’ve been scoping out Polygon as the next move for your project, get at their business development team using the partnership form!

Some of you may know Crystl Finance as PolyCrystal, they have since rebranded to reflect their goals of taking the Crystl ecosystem to new heights, and opening the doors to widening the scope of the project to not just be a Polygon native project, but to have arms in many different blockchains. They are extremely excited about the prospect of being able to unlock the offerings of all chains in this quickly growing and diverse cross-chain ecosystem that is beginning to spin up!


If you’re interested in learning more about Crystl Finance, you can read their documentation, and check out the roadmap!

To learn more and stay UpToDate about their upcoming events and new, find their social media links here.

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