Crypto workshop

Crypto workshop in Cameroon to help citizens understand potential risks and challenges

A Crypto workshop will be held in Cameroon to highlight the potential risks and challenges related to cryptocurrencies. The government made this plan after the decision of regulating cryptocurrencies.

The adoption index of the crypto is much high in the last two years due to the price of the flagship currency, BTC, and other Altcoins. El Salvador will always be remembered which has provided legal tender to the BTC and still is persistent to implement its plan despite a lot of criticism. A lot of other countries are following in the footsteps of El Salvador. Cameroon has decided to regulate the decentralized market, according to a report by Business.

Crypto workshop

Crypto workshop in Cameroon:

The business has reported that Cameroon is going to hold a crypto workshop starting from November 15, 2021. This workshop is being organized by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The government is very keen to regulate the crypto and the mechanism of that regulation will be discussed and reviewed at this workshop. In the crypto workshop, not only the importance of regulation will be highlighted but crypto stakeholders in Africa and other nations will also be reviewed.

An assessment of the utilized services by the masses will also be made. A report which came on the scene in December 2020, pointed out that there is no law in the country which regulates crypto. CEMAC (Central African Economic and Monetary Community) regulation on the use of electronic money is the only law available. The decision to regulate crypto was made due to a number of increasing scams in the country.

I think that the Cameroon government is doing the right thing by educating its people about the potential risks and challenges related to the market. Regulation will also protect the citizens from scams. Crypto will be highlighted through this workshop so it is a win-win situation for both parties.

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