Crypto wallet Phantom

Crypto wallet Phantom has surpassed 1 million active users as SOL continues to grow

Crypto wallet Phantom of Solana has surpassed the milestone of 1 million active users as announced earlier this week. SOL has also seen a surge in price and the most surprising fact is that Phantom was launched a couple of months ago.

Solana blockchain is seeing a lot of development and its native Token is also growing very faster. By market cap, SOL has crossed UDT and Cardano way behind and holds 4th position in the crypto market. Crypto wallet Phantom, a project launched by Solana blockchain is also growing very rapidly. It has crossed 1 million active users just after months of its launch period. We will try to explore the reason behind such massive growth.

Crypto wallet Phantom
Source: Twitter

Crypto wallet Phantom has surpassed 1 million active users:

Crypto wallet Phantom works as an online wallet for users to store, send, receive, swap, and stake crypto tokens very easily and safely. Earlier this week, they have revealed this surprising news and stunned everyone. This milestone was achieved by the crypto wallet Phantom in just three months. The growth of NFTs on the Solana blockchain is considered to be the main reason behind this hype.

Crypto wallet Phantom
Source: Twitter

Phantom essentially became the go-to wallet for the Solana blockchain and NFT trading. The intuitive wallet allows users to easily transact on NFT platforms, while also allowing users to preview their NFTs in the wallet. Something not offered on MetaMask. Crypto wallet has achieved this one million active user milestone like a pro. These active users are the one who manually opens the wallet and interact with the Dapp.

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