Crypto reward should be given for using a credit card, demand 14% American

 Out of 1000 Americans, 14% claim that they should be given Crypto reward for using their credit cards, found out by a recent study. These interesting facts came into the light because in the last few years a number of digital asset payment cards offer these types of rewards.

The Crypto market is expanding very quickly and people are more attracted to it with each passing day. The start of digital assets saw resistance from mankind and many questions were raised that there will be no use of it. After years of struggle, in the last two years, crypto has been in the news for increasing prices and popularity. Years have passed since the introduction of the first prepaid digital currency cards. A new study has shown that people want Crypto rewards for using their credit cards.

Crypto reward should be given for using a credit card:

The couponfollow has published a report written by Marc Mezzaca. The report has revealed some surprising facts about the American people. The writer has revealed that a significant number of Americans want Crypto reward for using their cards. The study shows that the generation called Baby Boomers (people born from 1946 to 1964) have three credit cards. The Gen Xers (Born between 1965 to 1979/80) and Millennials (1981-1994/6) have four cards.

Crypto reward
Image via the couponfollow report

The study clearly stated that:

Millennials and Gen Zers (15%) were more than twice as likely as Baby Boomers (7%) to want cryptocurrency rewards.

The study further elaborated that 14% of credit card users want Crypto rewards from their credit cards. For example, the card issued by and Blockfi offers people a Crypto reward every time they make a purchase. The people want the same from their credit cards. Mezzacca says that credit cards are the most popular choice when it comes to paying for goods and services and credit cards are followed by debit cards. Using cash to pay for things these days was a “rare occurrence.”

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