Crypto represents

Crypto represents 12% of the millennial portfolio, the Latest survey suggests

Crypto represents 12% of the millennial portfolio according to a survey by Cryptovantage. Survey shows that digital assets have gained 154% in this year so far and 3 out of 4 investors have profited from the crypto investments.

As the crypto market is advancing and nurturing, different studies are being conducted for a better understanding of the market. Recently, Cryptovantage, which conduct different studies to know the trends of the market, published a survey about how most people forget their password of crypto holdings. On August 18, Cryptovantage published a survey named “Generational Philosophies on investing in Crypto”. Crypto represents 12% of the millennial portfolio, the survey found out.

Crypto represents diversity:

1044 people, born between 1965 and 1997, were interviewed to know how people of different age groups invest in digital assets. The poll distributes the people into three category millennials, Xennials, and Gen Xers.

Crypto represents

The study shows that crypto represents 12% of the average millennial portfolio, followed by Xennials with 9.2% and Gen Xers with 6.3%. Millennials are earning the least despite their large portion of crypto holding. Xennials, with the largest total investment, were the most likely to make a profit off crypto assets at 80.5%, compared to 76.2% of millennials and just 71.5% of Gen Xers.

The survey added that:

“It is worth noting that 3 in 4 people profited off cryptocurrency investments overall.”

Crypto represents

The survey shows that among all three generations BTC is popular crypto. Millennial and Gen Xers choice is ETH despite liking BTC.  Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash are choices of Xennials over ETH. Curiosity is the main reason for investing in digital assets, explained many participants. The second reason was high profits and 39% of participants believed that Elon Musk is Beneficial for the crypto market.

Crypto represents the interest of millennials and other generations. For more similar content click here.

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