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Crypto ownership rating of Nigeria, 24.2%, is the highest all over the world

Crypto ownership ratings of Nigeria, 24.2%, is the highest in all over the world, according to the latest Finder Crypto Adoption Index. The highest proportion of citizens that holds crypto globally are West African nation.

Cryptocurrency adoption is more in countries with a poor economic situation like African countries. The people of these countries are trying to surpass the financial restrictions of the government regimes and facilitate themselves. Recent findings by Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index, Nigeria has the highest rate of crypto ownership globally in October 2021 with the ratings of 24.2%.

Crypto ownership rating of Nigeria:

Some interesting facts have been found in a new survey about Crypto ownership. The highest proportion of citizens that hold crypto globally is the Nigerian nation. For 1 out of 4 adults in Nigeria with any type of crypto ownership, bitcoin is the most popular digital asset with 66.5%. It means that more than half of the 24.2% of Nigerian respondents who own crypto is Bitcoin holders.

Crypto ownership
Finder’s Cryptocurrency Adoption Index

Ethereum is not only the digital asset with the second-largest trading volume in the crypto market, it is also the second most popular digital asset among Nigerian respondents who have crypto ownership. Despite this seemingly high rate of interest in ETH, the ratio of Nigerians holding this cryptocurrency relative to other countries is still lower, the survey data suggests. The ETH ownership of the Nigerian is only enough to see Nigeria being ranked 15th in crypto adoption.

Crypto ownership

Other than that survey found out that Dogecoin is following in popularity among Nigerian crypto owners. 62.9% of crypto owners are male and the rest of the accounts are of females. This report of the survey shows how the people of the countries with a poor economic conditions are more likely to be attracted by the crypto.

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