Crypto miners will be prohibited

Crypto miners will be prohibited from the internet service in Abkhazia to stop the mining operation till 2022

Crypto miners will be prohibited from accessing the internet for the next year. This move will affect the extraction of digital coins that will result in limiting the use of electricity and imports of the mining rigs into the country.

The Crypto market is struggling to better by the end of each day but the problems related to the crypto are too much. The main issue of crypto is electricity consumption as highlighted by the centibillionaire, Elon Musk. Mining consumes too much energy which can be very lethal for the economy of developing countries. Abkhazia is also facing energy-related issues and is trying a new approach to handle this.

Crypto miners will be prohibited:

The telecom and media watchdog of Abkhazia has extended the internet ban by which Crypto miners will be prohibited to access Specific websites. According to an order issued by the State Committee for Communications, Mass Media, and Digital Development, access to certain websites used by miners remains prohibited until March 31, 2022. The initial ban adopted in late December expired on June 1 this year.

 Crypto miners will be prohibited
Mining rigs

The mining activity of the miners will be restricted by prohibiting the access of the internet for the specific website which are necessary for the mining operations. The published article hasn’t specified the domain names. Crypto miners will be prohibited from the internet service in Abkhazia to stop the mining operation till 2022.The Chairman of the committee has clarified that this new order will also be implemented when users switch to VPNs.

In the fight against mining, we are reaching a completely different level.

Despite seizing 6,000 mining devices, authorities have failed to disrupt crypto mining, which has proved to be an alternative source of income for many in the country. In September, the government in Sukhumi acknowledged that 30,000 mining rigs remain in the hands of miners, blamed for the region’s exacerbating power shortages.

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