Crypto Jobs Market Thriving In Spite Of Setbacks in Tech Industry 

The crypto job market indicates few hints of slackening despite high-profile cases of staff dismissals and hiring freezes across large tech companies.

In recent weeks, a series of major tech companies have revealed a paring back of staff, mentioning a downside in the traditional market and lessening the demand for products that had been successful during the pandemic. Recently revealed hiring cuts include Uber, Twitter, Robinhood and Amazon.

On Tuesday, Netflix, a movie streaming service, canceled the roles of 150 mostly US-based employees amidst a slack in revenue growth. Earlier this month, Facebook parent company Meta established a hiring freeze for most of its midst and senior-level positions after they failed to meet revenue targets.


The crypto industry has not been completely untouchable. On Tuesday, Coinbase revealed that it was decelerating its hiring after posting a $430 million loss in Q1. Coinbase chief operating officer Emelie Choi informed employees in an internal memo that strategies to triple the headcount in 2022 were postponed because of the condition of the market that expects the company to “slow hiring and reassess our headcount needs against our highest-priority business goals.”

“We have not seen a slowdown in crypto hiring. We are as busy as ever,” according to Neil Dundon, founder of Crypto Recruit. Dundon’s firm specifies in recruiting exclusively within the blockchain and cryptocurrency platform.

“We have a team based globally across the US, Asia/Pac and European regions and demand is equally as high across the region.”

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