Crypto is evil

“Crypto is evil” new ad campaign of Binance calls for global crypto regulation

“Crypto is evil” campaign of Binance calls for a global crypto regulation framework. This ad campaign by the firm is highlighting the 10 fundamental rights of crypto users. These fundamental rights can act as guiding hand regulatory discussions and developments.

The increasing adoption of the unregulated crypto market has led many people to lose their whole life’s hard-earned money. As the crypto market is unregulated and decentralized so many of these scams and people involved, got away with it. One of the largest crypto exchanges like Binance was accused of operating without authorization from many countries like the UK, Netherland, and South Africa.

“Crypto is evil” campaign of Binance:

Binance is also being investigated by the US and Singapore for possible market manipulation. Binance changed its mindset when the new CEO came into power. The firm has been trying to follow the local regulators’ law in many countries. The firm is consistent in its efforts to become the regulated firm in the whole world. A new ad campaign “Crypto is evil” came on the scene in a major newspaper, Financial Times.

 Crypto is evil
Tweet by the CEO of Binance
Source: Twitter

CEO of Binance shared the picture of the ad through his social media account and commented that it was their first ad ever. Binance noted that the future of crypto needs to be user-focused. In this ad, the firm has highlighted the 10 fundamental rights of crypto users. The firm further detailed the rights of crypto users by saying:

“The customer rights, as described in a series of advertisements published today globally, are meant to ensure safe access to emerging technologies, liquidity, and secure platforms among other steps to ‘protect users without limiting growth and innovation”.

Binance stated that this ad campaign “Crypto is evil” can serve as a guiding hand for regulatory purposes. The firm asked the users not to be fascinated by the headlines and do thorough research before investing. For more content click here.

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