Crypto Hodlers Protest against error-ridden El Salvadoran Bitcoin Wallet

Crypto investors in El Salvador have registered their frustrations against Chivo, the country’s bitcoin wallet.

Back in December, one Twitter user, @Josh_91_L, lamented a problematic transaction worth around $1,000 that has been left unresolved for about two months.

“Now, with the value of BTC plummeting and continuing like this, it seems like it will be much less. I’m still hoping that one day they can resolve it, willingly,” he added.

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There are several more complaints like this on Chivo’s official platforms and different social media outlets. Chivo is a local jargon meaning “cool,” but it has been plagued by some not-so-cool problems since it was introduced last year. Reports of malfunctioning Chivo ATMs have also surfaced, as citizens express their disappointment.

Chico bitcoin wallet came with a lot of promise when introduced some months ago. New users were even offered a $30 signup bonus as the government sought to boost crypto adoption.

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