Chinese logistics firm move 3000kg mining rig to Maryland

A Chinese logistics company, Fenghua shipping, is transporting cryptocurrency mining equipment out of the country following the country’s intense crackdown on mining.

According to Coindesk, Fenghua is flying bitcoins machines worth 3 metric tons from China to Maryland.


Top CNBC correspondent based in Beijing, Eunice Yoon uploaded pictures of mining equipment strapped and ready to be flown out o the country.

A Fenghua source confirmed to CNBC that the logistics company will airlift 3000kg worth of mining gears to Maryland.

This reportsl doesn’t come as a surprise after China’s endless and intense restrictions on the industry.

Chief business officer of Compass Mining, Thomas Heller, estimated the weight of the equipment to “be about 200units of S19,” while speaking to Coindesk.

He also referred to the transported 3000kg mining machines as “just a small batch,”

“3,000 kg sounds huge, but compared to the amount of miners that get shipped regularly, it’s just a small batch,” Heller said.

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