China’s BSN blockchain to create portals in Turkey and Uzbekistan

In continued efforts to expand its scope worldwide, Chinese government-backed BSN blockchain project is opening two portals in Turkey and Uzbekistan.

An agreement has been reached between Red Date Technology, the brain behind BSN, and the Turkish Chinese Business Matching Center (TUCEM), to install two International portals in the said countries by the end of the year. Cointelegraph reports.

The project will enable Turkish and Uzbek blockchain developers to design Baas applications on BSN’s global portal, supporting significant blockchain projects such as Etheruem, Algorand, Polkadot, Tezos, etc.

BSN blockchain

CEO of Red Date, Yifan He described Turkey as a “fitting” location for BSN’s first portal outside of Asia, stating that the transcontinental nation is a “bridge” between Asia and Europe.

In a similar move, the company launched two BSN blockchain portals in Honk Kong and Macau. Another outlet is expected to begin operation in South Korea this November.

Yifan He also said  BSN is open to developing portals anywhere in the world. 

According to HE, the International outlets will be built, operated, and owned by the partners, adding that talks are ongoing with potential partners in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

“As long as we have good local partners in some regions, we don’t really mind where they are,” He said. “They are all built and operated by our local partners. They own the portals, which leverage BSN infrastructure to build the most powerful BaaS site with little cost,” 

According to Mehmet Akfrat, president of TUCEM and head of BSN Turkey, the new portals will boost social development and aid financial inclusion in Turkey and Uzbekistan.

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