Chainlink and Cardano

Chainlink and Cardano team up to explore new Advanced smart contracts

Chainlink and Cardano will work together to integrate Chainlink’s oracles, says a blog post by the Cardano team. For Cardano DeFi apps, developers will be able to build advanced smart contracts.

Smart contracts using the Chainlink oracle have the ability and access to work with results of sports statistics, crypto rates, and elections. The Blockchain network receives the data from the Chainlink’s oracle. Now a recent project in Africa is going on, in which they can operate the weather data also.

Chainlink and Cardano teaming up:

Hybrid smart contracts can be run on any DLT network with the help of Chainlink’s oracle. Chainlink is securing billion dollars through these projects. Chainlink and Cardano are going to work together for integrating Chainlink’s oracle into the Cardano. On September 25 the collaboration of these two was announced by the Cardano team. Team tweeted:

 NEW BLOG: Announced just moments ago at Cardano Summit 2021, our collab with Chainlink Labs gives DeFi developers Building On Cardano secure access to a wealth of real-world data through Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks Chainlink Smart_Contract.

Chainlink and Cardano
Source: Twitter

The chainlink’s oracle will help to deal with sports data and weather data through prediction apps. This data will be used in the area of gaming and digital collectibles like NFT. The Founder of IOHK (the company behind the development of Cardano), Charles Hoskinson thinks that Cardano Blockchain was in need of advanced smart contracts which will provide real-time data to the firm.

Hoskinson also mentioned that they want to provide the best tools to developers for creating the solution. Chainlink and Cardano partnership will provide a perfect DeFi ecosystem. For more content please click here.

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