Celcius CEO, Alex Mashinsky expects Bitcoin to hit $160K by end of 2021

In spite of the current gloomy circumstances that are facing Bitcoin, some specialist projectors within the industry are optimistic that a massive bullish run is on the cards before the end of 2021.

Co-founder and CEO of Celsius, Alex Mashinsky, told Cointelegraph that he expects Bitcoin to hit $160,000 or slightly less before the end this year, insinuating that the coin is yet to hit “highs”.

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“We haven’t seen the highs yet for 2021,” Alex argued. “When you go too high, too fast, you are bound for a correction. He said in reference to the recent market boom that saw Bitcoin hit $63,000.

“You can see my tweets in both March and February saying ‘we’re going to have a crash, we’re going to have a correction.’ I predicted $30,000. Bitcoin is like a spring – we stretch it too much and we put too much leverage. Too many people got greedy.”

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