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Cartesi’s Rebrand set to welcome Blockchain, Mainstream And Decentralization

Cartesi is looking to revamp its brand to match its new strategy and promise with the release of a new brand identity. The company is announcing a newer, more appealing brand identity with a strong brand line: The Blockchain OS. 

Cartesi is presenting the OS as a catalyst for empowerment that will provide blockchain possibilities to the users as they look to create a better, decentralized, fairer future. Furthermore, the company is looking to invite more people into a new progressive home with their new brand tag – Home to what’s next.

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Cartesi allow Blockchain App Programming on Linux

Cartesi, The Blockchain OS is introducing Linux to Blockchain programming – as they are transferring a fully developed operating system to the blockchain. This will be the first time blockchain applications can be written and programmed on Linux, which is a revolutionary move that will influence the next million developers to join the blockchain space. Most developers who previously could not access libraries and services on the blockchain will find this as a great opportunity to get in. 

The Blockchain OS is a decentralized layer-2 system that supports Linux and mainstream software components. 

The CEO of Cartesi, Erick De Moura gives insights on why having an OS on the blockchain is necessary; 

“Web 1 and Web 2 run entirely on operating systems like Windows and Linux. People develop applications for the internet and mobile on top of the real operating system. But then suddenly when we go from Web 2 to Web3, we don’t have a proper operating system.”

The rebrand of Cartesi will not only provide a decentralized Blockchain OS but also promises that the brand will be decentralized and given to the community in the near future. 

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