Cardano price

Cardano price is expected to reach 15 dollars why?

Cardano price is expected to reach 15 dollars, here is why. On October 1, the market has bounced back and pushed the market to a new low of $2.30. A bullish signal was generated after the Cardano climbed above the previous high of $2.30 yesterday.

Cardano price prediction:

In the last 24 hours, the crypto market has traded with mixed results. The flagship currency, Bitcoin, was able to cross the $60k price mark after two months of struggle with the bear market. The second coin by trading volume has also regained its bullish trend. Cardano price has fallen by 13% after a significant price increase. Yesterday, the upside was rejected after a significant jump above $2.30. This jump shows that it will result in a negative trend.

Cardano price
Price chart of ADA/USDT
Source: Tradingview

Cardano has been in a bearish mood for weeks which was assumed to be reversed after a higher low at the end of September which supports the claim that bullish momentum was growing. `ADA/USD was moved to a new low of $2.30 after the market rebounded upward. This pattern shows that market is trading in a tighter range which will lead us to a bullish mood. Cardano price is expected to cross $15 after a recent ongoing bullish run.

After the fall to $2.15, Cardano price made a correction when it made another higher low. Yesterday’s rise above the previous high of $2.30 is signaling that market momentum has turned positive again. Popular crypto Youtuber Ben Armstrong in his recent Youtube session discussed a bullish scenario for ADA. In a tweet that followed, he believes ADA will hit the $15-20 range at the end of this bull cycle.

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