Cardano has increased

Cardano has increased the block size by 12.5%, all you need to know

Cardano has increased the block size of its blockchain by 12.5%. The launch of smart contracts started changes and increasing block size by 12.5% is the latest one. What will be the impact on the blockchain?

Cardano has increased the block size by 12.5%:

When Cardano launched the smart contracts, it started to make changes to its blockchain. The launch of these smart contracts has increased the usage of the blockchain. More usage demanded the scalability to accommodate this increase. The Cardano plans to launch DApps on its platform very soon. Due to all of these issues, Cardano has increased the block size by 12.5% on its blockchain.

A new blog post by Cardano revealed that they are increasing the block size by 12.5% to make room for the increased traffic that is expected on the network soon. The block size will be 72KB with this current increase of 8KB. After this update, the transaction saved per block will be more than before. More transactions will be processed per second and in turn, it will provide greater capacity for its users.

Cardano has increased
The chart of Transactions per day of the year 2021

If we look into the historical data of Cardano then it shows that Cardano could only process 10000 transactions per day. Although this number has increased to 200,000 transactions per day. Cardano has increased the block size by 12.5% which will add more transactions per day. Cardano has also increased the Plutus script memory by 12.5% to help the developers in their launch of DApps.

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