BTC hashrate increases

BTC hashrate increases despite the recent bloodbath and correction to $42k

BTC hashrate increases despite the recent correction and bloodbath of the coin. Data shows that with an increase of 7.73% the hashrate of the coin has changed from 168 exahash per second (EH/s) to 181 (EH/s) in a week.

BTC hashrate increases despite the recent bloodbath:

The price of Bitcoin saw a sudden correction and fell by $16k in a matter of 24 hours. The fall of the primary currency impacted the whole market and wiped billions of dollars from the crypto market. The crypto market is in a recovery mood and Terra is leading the path. The one thing that is very odd though, is that BTC hashrate increases despite the recent price correction. At the press time, the hashrate of Bitcoin is 187.18 (EH/s) and trying to make a new ATH.

BTC hashrate increases
The hashrate of the BTC

The data of 3 months reveals that BTC hashrate reached 190 (EH/s) on December 3, during the market correction. On May 9, 2021, the coin has made an all-time high at 191.42 EH/s. The bitcoin difficulty has dropped during the last change on November 28 and this could be one of the main reasons behind this hype of hashrate. The difficulty dropped seven days ago making it 1.49% less difficult to mine BTC.

BTC hashrate increases

The current difficulty is 22.34 trillion and at the current rate of processing power, the next difficulty is estimated to increase 1.17% to a possible 22.6 trillion. Stealth miners are contributing 11.75% to the network’s total hashpower.

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