Boba Network launches

Boba Network launches new ‘Wagmi’ features for developers and developers

An L2 Ethereum project, Boba Network launches new ‘Wagmi’ features for the developers and builders. The incentive programs will be distributed amongst different projects on the chain and will be based on various indicators such as active wallets and project-specific total value locked (TVL).

Boba Network launches new ‘Wagmi’ features for developers:

Layer 2 solutions of Ethereum are attracting a lot of investments from the investors as ETH plunges to the $3,201 level. The one specific thing that I like about the crypto market is that the developments continue no matter what is happening with digital assets prices. Boba Network launches new ‘Wagmi’ options for the developers and builders. During the unveiling announcement of ‘Wagmi’, the team has assured that it will be different from the existing one.

Boba Network launches

Wagmi’s options will depend mainly on the parameters like TVL, from inside the network, and the Boba team hopes that this momentum will continue. The team further detailed:

Traditional liquidity mining programs are zero-sum: users come to collect high rewards and are incentivized to keep those rewards. WAGMI farming turns this model on its head by being positive-sum: users are incentivized to evangelize and encourage behaviors that grow Boba.

Boba Network launches these new options and the team says that these will be available in the few coming weeks. Avalanche, Harmony, Cardano, and BSC are already providing these services. Boba’s team seeks to turn this into a positive-sum, sustainable mechanism. Boba’s mainnet was launched in September last year, and it managed to rise as one of the leading L2 networks, reaching the second spot in TVL among these on November 28, only behind Arbitrum.

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