BitDrive: A Decentralized Social Experience and Your Financial Freedom

BitDrive is building an open beta Social Crypto community that envisions maximizing crypto exposure through a tier-based crypto community. The social crypto community of BitDrive drives fun, funding, and functionality through a growing MetaFi – a world that knows no boundaries.BitDrive

Centralization is a plague that takes away privacy, liberty, and financial freedom. Thanks to blockchain and its decentralized nature, projects like BitDrive can offer people an opportunity to topple centralized monopolies. The cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse, and play-to-earn games have already redefined the words freedom, finance, social experience, security, and privacy. However, the dilemma is only 5% of the world have access to cryptocurrencies in one way or the other. BitDrive plans to play the flag bearer role to create awareness and expand the reach to the next 1 billion people on the globe because FUDs and ignorance are barring people from their rightful freedom.

Why BitDrive:

BitDrive dawns as a new social crypto community to offer fun and investing and earning from Liquidity pools, farms, a unique 5 tier-based referral system.

Tierbased Referral Rewards

The referral system adds fun to the process by ensuring the passive income generates value. This not only creates an opportunity for the people to earn but also brings new faces to the project community, nearing them their indigenous goal. Anyone can earn 20% of the trading fees from their direct and indirect referrals. As the network expands, the first person will keep earning up to level 5. Let’s break this simple. If person A brings B as a referral, A will be getting 8% of the trading fees paid by B. Now B decides to bring C as its referral. still, A remains at an advantage as A still be getting 6% from C as level 2 referral and so. Below are the tier levels with the percentage.

  •  8% from level 1
  • 6% from level 2
  • 3% from level 3
  • 2% from level 4
  • 1% from level 5


BitDrive and BNB Smart Chain

Btidrive is at an advantage for being on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) due to the increased scalability of the blockchain. Compared to Ethereum, with the lower fees, high TPS (transactions per second), and improved security, the Binance Smart chain becomes a tool to play a major role in achieving our targets. BSC is inclined to the Sharding approach and goes big to support MetaFi concepts which additionally serves as support from this blockchain.bitcoin

BitDrive MetaFi

BitDrive is enriching its ecosystem with GameFi, SocialFi, Web3, NFTs, and Metaverse to offer its community everything in one place. BitDrive is seeking partnerships and collaborations from the potential players of these arenas to reward the community even more. The community-centered vision of BitDrive drives this whole idea at its core to maximize the reach to make people educated, and help them learn and earn.

BitDrive DEX Features and Accessibility:

Easy trade is what most people are looking for. Reports say people find cryptocurrency trades ‘tricky’ and they are right. Most of the exchanges don’t consider accessibility while offering tons of tools to crypto beginners. That’s what sets BitDrive apart as it provides an extremely simple Swapping option on the home page using an AMM. The home page also shows the total wallet value linked and the distribution of the assets in an interactive chart and percentages. The below image shows the portfolio distribution of my wallet.


This doesn’t stop there as BitDrive has offered an advanced interface tool as well as interactive price charts.bitcoin

BitDrive and Roadmap:


BitDrive foresees to capture every aspect of the blockchain including Blockchain Play-to-Earn Games, NFTs, and other MetaFi projects. There are already over 17,500 cryptocurrency projects in the market and only a few of these are trying to expand the circle to educate more people and bring them together to benefit from the amazing decentralization.

BitDrive is backed by an ambitious team that includes veterans from various domains including blockchain, IT, Law, and cybersecurity. The shared vision to bring value and fun will make BitDrive one of the most promising projects on the blockchain.

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