Bitcoin tumbles

Bitcoin tumbles to $42k and wipes millions of dollars from the market

Bitcoin tumbles to $42k and wipes millions of dollars out of the crypto market. The data shows that BTC’s price fell nearly $10k in an hour to $42k. The price chart gets even worst when we look and find that the price of flagship currency has fallen some $15k in 24 hours.

The Crypto market is too much volatile and risky; it is one of the many reasons that world leaders don’t like this market very much. The flagship currency is also very volatile and professional investors warn about this. One of the things to notice when the price of BTC goes down is that it takes almost the whole crypto market with it. Bitcoin went down and it took almost the whole market down with itself.

Bitcoin tumbles
Price chart of BTC by Tradingview

Bitcoin tumbles to $42k:

The data from CoinDesk shows that flagship currency has lost more than 20% over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin tumbles to $42k and most of the digital assets appear to have suffered a sharp decline starting around 04:00 UTC Saturday. Bitcoin has lost 15k over the last 24 hours and the second-largest crypto also lost around $1100. The price of the BTC went to $42k and then bounced back to $45k.

At the press time, BTC is trading above $48k. Bitcoin tumbles to $42k but some are using this as an opportunity to “buy the dip.” The only country which holds BTC on its balance sheet, El Salvador, has purchased the previous dips and announced to do the same for this dip.

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