Bitcoin retested
Price chart of BTC by Tradingview

Bitcoin retested its previous resistance. Where it’s headed next?

Bitcoin retested its previous resistance at $66,664 after the correction to $60k and consolidation of 2 weeks. Technical analysis of BTC shows that BTC is bullish in 1D but it can come back to test its support at $60k to $58k.

The flagship currency, Bitcoin, is currently number 1 asset in the crypto market. The price made a 10% rise after Bitcoin retested its support at $60k. With a 24h trading volume of 37.15 billion dollars, BTC has become the 6th most precious asset in this world surpassing Tesla in market cap. The consolidation period of 2 weeks in the BTC price chart is over and it has started its bullish moves again. What’s next for BTC?

Bitcoin retested
Price chart of BTC by Tradingview

Bitcoin retested its previous resistance:

Bitcoin is facing resistance at $66,900 and it will not be less than a miracle if it breaks this resistance and goes above. But surely if that happens then we will be moving for a new ATH and it will have to face psychological resistance at $70k. Market sentiments are very positive and bullish about BTC. I think Bitcoin will come down for a correction near $63,500k. Further rejection from $63,500 can send BTC to $58k.

Bitcoin retested its previous resistance and personally i think it will go down for correction. Bitcoin still has volatility so DYOR before jumping to any conclusions.

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