Bitcoin may crash

Bitcoin may crash along with Stock Market in October 2021, Warning by Robert Kiyosaki

The best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and investor warns that Bitcoin may crash along with the stock market in October 2021. Robert has also commented on the situation of China banning cryptocurrencies.

 Before we jump into the discussion of what Robert Kiyosaki has predicted, we should know the difference between the Stock and crypto market. The stock market is regulated and controlled by the governments but crypto is not controlled by anyone. Investors and analyst often present their ideas and predictions to the public.

Bitcoin may crash. How?

Robert Kiyosaki, famous for his book Rich Dad Poor Dad which remained a best seller for six years has warned people about Bitcoin and the stock market crash in October 2021. He tweeted:

Giant stock market crash coming October. Why? Treasury and Fed short of T-bills. Gold, silver, Bitcoin may crash too. Cash best for picking up bargains after the crash. Not selling gold, silver, bitcoin, yet have lots of cash for life after the stock market crash. Stocks dangerous. Careful.

The author has been very vocal about crypto and especially the stock market. In June 2021, he warned that the biggest crash in market history is on its way. He suggested at the time to buy Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver. He has said earlier that he doesn’t trust the leaders, another reason for investing in these two markets.

Bitcoin may crash
Source: Twitter

Robert said that China banning the cryptocurrency is a hint that they are going to launch their own CBDC. He thinks that Fed coins will outlaw Bitcoin, consequently, our freedom will also end. For more content please click here.

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