Bitcoin is on its course to reach the price of $500k in the next 5 years, says founder of SkyBridge capital

Founder of SkyBridge capital says Bitcoin is on its course to reach the price of $500k in the next 5 years. Anthony Scaramucci predicted this price of the flagship currency in an interview with Kitco News.

Bitcoin is still exchanging hands below the $40k price level. The future of the whole crypto market seems uncertain but some people have trust in the flagship currency. Their faith is unshaken despite the fact that BTC is almost 50% down from its peak. The founder of the hedge fund firm SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci, in an interview with the Kitco News, expressed that Bitcoin is on its course to reach a price level of $500k in the next four to five years.

Bitcoin is on its course to reach the price of $500k in the next 5 years:

Anthony explained that investors should not be worried about the recent correction of the flagship currency. Hedge fund firm founder further explained that flagship currency’s true value is based on the asset’s growing network that will take less time to outperform gold. Anthony clarified one thing that at this moment flagship currency should not be compared with gold because precious metal took thousands of years to reach this milestone.

Bitcoin is on its course

Bitcoin is maturing to be an inflation hedge, explained Anthony. He further detailed that:

I ultimately think that Bitcoin will be worth half a million dollars, and it will take four to five years. The ride will be rocky, but it will certainly be worth it.

Bitcoin is on its course and despite regulation of any country it is here to stay. Scaramucci expects Bitcoin to have an easy sailing for United States investors considering that the IRS has categorized the digital currency as property.

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